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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Post-game vs Columbus - Dec 5, 2006

Ouch. That's about all I can say. When you get blanked by the Blue Jackets, something is wrong. Once again, Q is right. If you don't score on your 5-on-3 chance, you don't win the game. Shortly after the BJs killed one off, they got the first goal of the game. Riding that momentum they buried one more. Then, for good measure, they sealed the deal with 4 seconds left in the second. That third goal was the back-breaker. There was no recovering after that b/c this team doesn't have the experience for that yet. Actually, very few teams would come back from that sort of deficit.

With a Calgary win, the Avs are now all by their lonesome in the bottom of the NW division. It's a sad, sad state of affairs for the Avs but no cause to toss away the season just yet. There is still a lot of hockey left and a lot of time for the Avs to turn it around. A quick win streak will get them right back in the thick of things. Unfortunately, their next game is against the Sharks who are flying this season. Which of course begs the question: can Sharks fly?

Klee was the healthy scratch tonight and Brisebois was back in. I couldn't watch the game so can only go by what I hear, and from what I hear, Brisebois did nothing wrong. He also didn't do anything spectacular. Tough to fault him for that though when the entire team did sweet f' all.

The Avs fired off a ton of shots again and, again, they couldn't cash in on enough (any!) of them. It's sad when you see a shot column that large but only half a dozen were quality chances. A shot on goal is useless if the goalie can just cover it up and force a face off. Particularly since the Avs are dismal on the face-off (ok, 50% tonight is ok but in general). So the MO lately is: get in the zone, fire at first chance, lose face-off, try not to get scored on. Call me when that strategy actually wins you a game.

As has been said time and time again by myself and many others, we need a banger of a forward to get those dirty goals, force those rebounds and generally be a pest to goaltenders. If you don't have someone doing that, and you let opposing goalies see all your shots, you're never going to score. This isn't junior C hockey anymore and someone needs to remind the team of that fact. You can't just take a shot on net and hope to score. Cycling behind the net only gets you so much. Actually, so far it's just getting the team too tired to give a good effort is seems.

The Good
Lots of shots (I'm inclined to move this to the "The Bad" section)
Svatos and Hedjuk had some jump
Only penalized twice

The Bad
Missed 5-on-3
0-4 on the PP
No quality chances
Being booed in your own arena

The Ugly
Adam Foote (it's the nose)

*post may be revised if I can get a download of the game*

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