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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Post-game vs St. Louis - Dec 13, 2006

Consistency! Well, enough to go on a 2-game winning streak. Hopefully they can turn it into 3 for the first time of the season on Friday. Other than a lackluster start, it was a solid overall effort by the Avs tonight. They got another PP goal and were able to beat, and look better than, a team that is much weaker than them. No more pity losses to make teams feel good about themselves! But boy, Blues sympathies.

Budaj had another solid effort in goal. He wasn't tested on many huge saves, but he made all the saves he needed to make. The NHL Network still hasn't shown highlights of the game even though I've seen a vignette on the Blackhawks a hundred times. Maybe it's karma for me complaining about no Blackhawks coverage while I was in Chicago. Or the NHL Network needs to be better. I've complained twice to them about their choice of coverage and have received nothing but radio (tv??) silence. At least Scott Cullen writes back to me when I send him crazy ideas. Seriously, I just finished this whole post (probably 10 or 15 minutes) and they still haven't made it to the Avs highlights. There were 3 games tonight! Come on.

Turgeon came out flying again tonight. Well, maybe not flying per se but he's definitely a presence out there. As I said, I wasn't looking forward to his return but man am I happy he's back. He ended with 6 shots on goal, 1 goal, 1 assist, and a +2 rating. I don't think you can reasonably ask for a whole lot more out of a scant 11 1/2 minutes.

Tyler Arnason ended the night with 7 shots on goal but no points. He had some amazing chances and is making things happen when he's out on the ice. I don't know what kind of fire Q lit under him but it doesn't seem like it's going to go out!

Paul Stastny woke up! He ends the night with a goal and an assist.He must have read my pre-game posting where I asked what was up. Thanks for reading and responding accordingly Paul. Oh, but don't take 2 hooking penalties in one game though. Be like Milan. He got a goal and an assist with no penalites. And he did it all while looking like Hannibal Lecter!

Ossi Vaananen and Karlis Skrastins both picked up an assist tonight. These guys aren't there to produce points but it's nice to see them get the odd one. Let's just thank our GM that both these guys are still here. I shudder to think if he'd pulled the plug on a trade just before Leopold went down again. So good on him for waiting to see how Leopold would hold up.

The Blues came out and put 19 hits on the scoresheet. The Avs...4. That's right, 4. Now, the Avs won so most people won't care. Had they lost, people would be all over this stat. And for good reason. That's a terribly low number of hits to have. If our players don't start banging some bodies...well, I'm not sure what I'll do other than write about it again.

Let's end on a good not with Joe Sakic continuing his ways with a goal tonight. He continues to be the teams leader in all scoring categories, including PP goals. Retire is a word that Joe does not know the meaning of.

The Good
- near-60 minute effort
- defeating a weaker team (you gotta win those!)
- Turgeon lighting it up
- Stastny waking up

The Bad
- only 4 recorded hits
- giving up the first goal
- not waking up for the first 10 minutes

The Ugly
- Hejduk's nose

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