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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Avalanche Make Two Trades

It was a day much like I expected for the Avalanche on deadline day. I didn't expect, nor really want, a big deal to happen. Instead, Giguere played it very comfortable. He sent Brad May, a soon to be UFA, to Anaheim for 21-year old goaltender Michael Wall. He then grabbed Scott Parker from the Sharks for a 5th round pick on 2008. Those are both losses I can live with.

Quick Analysis

May for Wall

- another goaltending prospect
- a return on a UFA
- a spot for Richardson on the 2nd line

- some physicality

Parker for 2008 5th Rounder

- some physicality

- not much

Slightly long-winded talking

Getting rid of May obviously left the Avalanche even less physical, if such a thing is possible. And even though Parker was on IR most of this season, the word is he's near ready to go. And Laperriere sorely needs some help on the enforcement end. All kudos to Laperriere for throwing down with anybody, but he's not big enough to be a real threat out there. And we've got some good looking rookies coming up that folks might start gunning for if there is no deterrent.

During a press conference, Giguere indicated that acquiring Wall in no way reflected on the future of Jose Theodore with this team. Which I thought was fairly obvious. Michael Wall isn't ready to be a solid backup to Budaj and so far Budaj has shown that he needs a solid backup, if anything to help mentor him. No, I'm not of the "they brought in Theo to mentor Budaj" camp.

Goaltending is very suspect for the Avalanche, both for the present and future. As good as Budaj can look, he still looks to need at least another full season or two to really develop his game. With no current franchise goaltender, they need to see what they can do about developing one for the future. Will Wall be that tender? Will Weiman? Will Budaj? I personally don't think any of the 3 are cut out to be a franchise goaltender. Solid #1? Maybe.


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