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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Post-game vs Anaheim - Feb 13, 2007

The Avalanche continue their winning ways against the Ducks but this time they didn't need no stinkin' shootout! They were able to take care of this one in regulation time as they came away with a 2-0 victory. It was an important win as Edmonton lost tonight so the Avs were able to make up some ground on them and idle Minnesota. It's not over yet...nor is it in the bag yet! This must be what it feels like to be a Leafs fan. *shudder*

It's not easy to shut out the Ducks and I think credit has to go to both Peter Budaj and the defense around him for giving them the goose egg. Budaj's night started off as any other night but it really picked up towards the end of the second and in the third and he made a few big saves to keep the team going.

Hejduk had a two point night with a goal and an assist. He continues to fly out on the ice and it's finally converting to points. It has certainly helped to have Paul Stastny crashing the net to gobble up any juicy rebounds off a Hejduk wrister. These two are really flying along nicely which really makes me wonder why Brad May is on their line.

I couldn't watch the game and was only half listening while I worked so I have to assume that May is out there to create some space for those two. I really don't think May can keep up with that high-flying duo though. Richardson was on the ice with those two for the second goal. Coincidence?

Karlis Skrastins put in some real iron man minutes tonight with 24:24 spent out there including 5:38 on the powerplay. He was again a shot-blocking machine with 7 on the night. Combine that with Clark's 5 and they blocked more shots than the entire Anaheim team did tonight.

Even with the shot blocks, the Ducks still managed to fire off 39 shots. And Peter Budaj was still able to chalk up a shutout! Peter Budaj put in some big saves, got some lucky bounces, and most importantly, got help from the defense tonight. Take note folks, when the defense does their part, the goalie does his and vice-versa. It's some sort of weird circle of life.

The Good
- shutout!
- 100% PK

The Bad
- took 5 penalties against the #3 PK team
- lots of shots against

The Ugly
- two hooks on Arnason in one period


Mike Thompson said...

Saw the second and the third of this one, expecting the whole time that the Avs would take their foot off of the gas and let the Ducks back into it. Thankfully, no such heartbreak this time. The post-game comments from the players were filled with the usual "We played well and excecuted our gameplan..." stuff, which concerns me. Can giving up almost 40 shots a night be Joey Q's gameplan? I hope not...

Plus the last minute-and-a-half added further evidence to the "We should never have had him in an Avs uni" file for Teemu "The Finnish Whiner" Selanne.

Shane Giroux said...

Yeah, typical things players say anytime you win. I'm sure Q is going to have words with them on that one. Especially when you count in the 23 blocked shots the Avalanche had. D is still a problem for this team.

I could only laugh at Teemu getting a misconduct. That penatly basically sealed the game with under 2 minutes left.

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