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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Post-game vs Calgary - Mar 14, 2007

The Avs have won their most important game of the year! And they did it in regulation time which keeps them in the hunt for the final spot. They're hanging on by a thread but they're not about to let go without a fight. That sort of team mentality has me extremely happy. Pierre McGuire, and far be it from me to give him kudos, pointed out a couple times during the game how energetic the Avs bench is and how they really feel they have a chance. None of those giving in and tanking the season stuff. *cough*Edmonton*cough*Oilers*cough.

The win puts the Avalanche 8 points behind Calgary with two more games to come against the Flames. Those two games are later in the season though so they need to concentrate on taking care of the Wild, Canucks and Oilers in the meantime. That trio forms 5 of the next 8 games for the Avalanche and are obviously all crucial games.

On a brief side note, I shall be at the Avs-Oilers game on the 23rd as my company has generously provided me with tickets and lodging for the night. It was supposed to be a surprise presented that day but I managed to accidently wriggle it out of them by requesting the day off this Thursday to watch the Wild-Oiler game as I could have accepted some freebie tickets for that game. But I'll be at work tomorrow anxiously awaiting next Friday!

Paul Stastny waited until the third period to do it but he scored the game winning goal to keep his point streak alive. He's at 19 and counting which ties the franchise point-streak record, held by his father Peter Stastny of course. I am not aware what the NHL point-streak record is so if somebody could enlighten us, that would be great. Has Stastny got a shot at it?

Darren Dreger, in the span of a microsecond, made me like him even less. When asked who he thought the #2 candidate for the Calder is (and this is shortly after Duthie et. al. were espousing Stastny), he immediately went with Jordan Staal. Now, I've got nothing against Staal as he's a real gem for the Pens this year but to put him above Stastny without so much as an afterthought? Ridiculous. But kudos to McKenzie for going with Vlasic (and for calling the entire panel idiots).

The Sakic-Brunette-Wolski line was looking better today as they accounted for the first goal of the night. Sakic and Brunette are solid as always but Wolski still confuses me. One play, he'll be dogging the forecheck to avoid a hit...then the next play he'll lay someone on their back. Then he'll make a weak play to avoid a hit...then go finish his check on the next play. He needs to quit that streaky playing style, take a few solid checks from time to time, and get his nose dirty and start getting more points.

How fast is Matthew Lombardi? I know we don't have the most nimble D in the world but he makes them look like pylons. He's got some sort of afterburner contraption in his skates I think. Luckily the post didn't like his style tonight and denied him - as it did to many! And for all the talk of Phaneuf's point shot, I'm more scared of Hamrlik's. He's got a rocket of a shot and has used it many times against the Avalanche this year.

And I could be biased because of my general distaste for Dion Phaneuf. I'd take him on my team in a heartbeat, but he just annoys me with his attitude. The worst thing is the shots he throws after every whistle if an opposing player is anywhere near the crease. It's unnecessary unless said player is bothering the goaltender. Otherwise, it just makes you look like an ass.

Oh and speaking of looking like asses, or whiny babies, good job Tanguay on getting the last minute penalty call by whining to the ref. I suppose I'd take it if I was cheering for the Flames, but with a grain of salt because I hate whining. So I shall now stop whining!

The Good
- regulation win
- Statsny streak soaring on
- Hejduk still going
- Brunette getting 2 assists

The Bad
- 2 PK goals against (in the final seconds no less)
- Parker and Godard not going

The Ugly
- Phaneuf's attitude


Lamewad said...

I believe the all time point streak is 51 by Gretzky. Something like that, but I don't know the exact number. So no chance for Stazz to break it this year, but maybe next....

B_Washington said...

The team Record is 30 by Sundin (the Avs broadcast mentioned it a few times).

Also I am glad someone else dislikes Phaneuf. He just generally seems to be out to make enemies, I don't like him one bit.

I don't think Tanguay was whining too much, I think his stick was broken by Klee's slash (even though it didn't look too broken from the replay's). It looked like a legitimate call, and to be honest i was glad to see referee's making a call in the third period (even if it was against the Avs.)

That "Swallow the whistle" attitude lead to the dead puck era (partially) so it's good to ssee that stuff called, IMO

Shane Giroux said...



51 is ridiculous. Damn that Gretzky :)

Still, it's an incredible effort by Stastny and I do hope he gets serious consideration for the Calder. He's heating up while Malkin is tailing off (albeit very slightly).

Shane Giroux said...


Well that's what I get for watching the TSN feed! Stastny has a change to catch it this year which would be amazing.

Ever since the world juniors ended, I didn't like his play. I didn't watch him much before but any time I watched him after...he just bothered me with his style.

I think Tanguay definitely got that call by whining to the ref. I don't think Klee hit his stick all that hard, it just decided to break at that time.

It's good that refs don't put their whistle away, but I hate seeing a ref not put up his hand until the "affected" player tosses his hands in the air and gives an "Oh come on".

B_Washington said...

Good point about the ref not putting his arm up until Tanguay looked at him it is frustrating. But I still think it was the right call, and it was a stupid thing for Klee to do. IT didn't help him any.

Stastny for Calder '07

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