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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Avalanche Re-sign Rycroft; Add Jillson, Purinton

The Avalanche continued filling up roster spots for their new AHL affiliate, the Lake Erie Monsters, with the re-signing of Mark Rycroft and the additions of Jeff Jillson and Dale Purinton. Jillson and Purinton are both big d-men (6'3", 220+) who will likely make their way to the Monsters. Rycroft has a shot at sticking on the 4th line as an energy player since Parker is not likely to suit up for every game. However there's certainly no guarantee after some of the reports from the development camp.

NOTE: I unwittingley pilfered that headline from the Avalanche's announcement on their site. I'm not sure if there's a more succinct way to put that headline though so I ran with it. Crazy minds think alike.


Mike Thompson said...

You could have just said "Avs resign anonymous player and two guys you've never heard of"!

These all reek of depth signings and filling out the AHL team. The size of Jillson and Purinton are encouraging. It's good to know the Avs might have something other than small offensive defensemen in the system.

Shane Giroux said...

That headline might have captured the spirit of these signings a bit better. Definitely depth signings but if no rookies crack the lineup, which seems unlikely, Rycroft will find a home on the 4th line and be swapped out for Parker from time to time.

I doubt Parker is going to get suit up for a lot of games but he's also not headed down to the AHL. Seems like a good guy to have in the locker room, even if he's not suiting up.

And those are some big D, particularly Purinton. After reading a "good-bye" thread on the Rangers HF Board, this guy sounds just downright mean. Maybe a bit too mean as eye-gouging and kicking were mentioned in said thread.

Jibblescribbits said...

I'm surprised by the Rycroft signing, but he played decently last year.

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