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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Pierre Turgeon Calling it a Career

TSN is reporting that Pierre Turgeon has called a news conference for Wednesday where he is expected to announce his retirement. The retirement will put an end to a long career spanning 19 seasons, 1294 games, 515 goals and 1327 points. The only thing missing in his Hall of Fame career was the ability to hoist the Stanley Cup over his head.

When Pierre signed a two-year, $3M deal with the Avalanche coming out of the lockout, there was a lot of uproar. It was believed that Turgeon was signed to make up for the absence of Peter Forsberg. While true, he wasn't meant to be the next Peter Forsberg. He put up 46 points in 62 games that year and had great chemistry with rookie goal-scoring sensation, Marek Svatos. Not Forsberg numbers by any means but pretty reasonable nonetheless.

Following that season he played a mere 17 games in an injury-shortened season which marked the death knell in his career. His absence last season was also bandied about as a reason for Marek Svatos' dreaded sophomore slump. We'll never know for sure but Turgeon was always renowned as an excellent set up man through his 6-team NHL career.

A crafty veteran with excellent hand-eye coordination, he won't be missed for his contributions last season but should always be remembered for the contributions he made his entire career.

EDIT: He has made it official. No Jeremy Roenick-style final season needed as he's already surpassed the 500-goal mark.


Jibblescribbits said...

not really a surprise huh?

Draft Dodger said...

well, it was kind of a surprise to me; I thought he retired 3 months ago

Shane Giroux said...

It seems like he was holding out for someone to throw him a bone. I can't see any other reason he wouldn't have announced it until just before training camps start.

Joe @ MHH said...

I thought he retired three YEARS ago.

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