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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Stastny Atop the ESPN Power Rankings

Paul Stastny Head Shot
ESPN has updated their power rankings and the Avalanche's very own Paul Stastny sits atop the list. There has been much love thrown around on Paul Stastny since he opened the season with a hat trick and it's well deserved. Sophomore slump is an over-rated "phenomenon" as myself and others have said before. And Stastny is doing his best to make us look smart about saying that.

He only sits at 6th on TSN's recently updated power rankings behind Zetterberg, Campbell, Thomas, Kolzig and Backstrom. Yep, 3 goaltenders atop the leader board followed by a defenceman. Gary Bettman is rolling in his grave. Or office chair. Whatever.

I find it hard to argue with TSN's choices. They are obviously weighting goaltending performances and point producing D-men a bit more heavily than forwards but that's how they chose their formula and who am I to complain? If they weighted defense and goaltending less, Stastny would be #2 behind Zetterberg And it would be hard to argue that if you've caught any of Zetterberg's performances this year.

But either way, if you haven't got a man-crush on Stastny yet...what's wrong with you?

ESPN Power Rankings

TSN Power Rankings

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