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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Forsberg Nearing Return but Likely Not With the Avalanche

Peter Forsberg as captain of the Flyers
In the ongoing Peter Forsberg saga, it appears that he is closer than ever to making his return to the NHL. TSN is reporting that a Swedish newspaper is reporting that Peter Forsberg is reporting that he won't sign with Modo in hopes of making an NHL return this season.

If all the rumours are to be believed then the main teams in the running are Ottawa, Philadelphia, Detroit and Colorado. Forsberg in a Wings jersey? I shudder at the thought. I hope he does too.

If Forsberg were to come back, he's not looking to be a fill-in on in injury-ridden club. He's looking to raise that silver cup over his head one more time. Adrian Dater thinks that makes Forsberg a bit Roger Clemens-ish.

If I was in Forsberg's shoes, I would be very torn between playing for a contender and my original franchise. And given the possibility of any team being knocked out in the first round of the playoffs combined with my loyal-to-a-fault attitude, I'd be signing with Colorado. But I'm not in his shoes and wouldn't blame him for going somewhere else. Even Detroit as much as it would pain me to watch.

We're nearing the trade deadline - just 26 days away - and you would think that any team vying for Forsberg's services would want things settled before the deadline is up. How brutal would it be to miss out on a needed trade for a cup run because you were holding your breath waiting for Peter the Great to give you his final answer?

My bold prediction: Forsberg signs with the Flyers.


Jibblescribbits said...

I'll wait on the Forsberg rumors for another week or two. I think the only team he hasn't been rumored too yet has been the Kings.

Draft Dodger said...

I'm going to guess Ottawa, although it's only a hunch. I agree that it isn't likely to be Colorado.

Shane Giroux said...

Ottawa would be my next guess but it's just hard for me to envision him in a Senators jersey and I'm not too sure why. Oddly enough, I had no trouble seeing him in a Philly jersey.

And as for all the rumours flying around him, I'm sure most teams have contacted Baizley about his services. However I think you can easily drop that list down to less than half a dozen that Forsberg would suit up with.

Magnum said...

It might be the Avalanche. Forsberg has made it very clear he wants to play a few more seasons. He said he won't be coming back if it's just as a rental player.

Honestly, even as an Avs fan, I don't care where he goes because he's injury riddled and it would cost the Avs an arm and a leg to sign him.

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