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Monday, February 25, 2008

Forsberg's Back!

Peter Forsberg returns to the Colorado Avalanche
Sweet bejeebers.

I thought he only wanted to come back to a contender? The Avalanche are certainly not that, even with Forsberg's return. This makes me wonder if FG is ready to pull the trigger on someone such as Arnason or Brunette.

TSN sources say that Forsberg will earn $5 million (US) prorated for the remainder of the season, approximately $1 million.

If he can reawaken a slumping Milan Hejduk, it'll be well worth the money. And I'm guessing it won't hurt ticket sales at all.

UPDATE: The NHL is certainly capitalizing early.

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Me eating my own words


Mike said...

Now... fire Joe Quenneville, trade for a good defenseman, and we're a solid playoff team.

Shane Giroux said...

If only, if only :)

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