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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Done Deal: Foote Returning

Adam Foote and Joe Sakic

After heavy rumours in the last 30 minutes, Francois Giguere has hopped in the Delorean and re-acquired Adam Foote.

I mis-heard the conditions (hey come on, I'm trying to do some actual work at the office!) The deal is for a first-round pick in 08 or 09. If the Avalanche make the playoffs, the pick is in 08 and they don't, the pick is in 09. The other conditional pick is based on Foote re-signing in the offseason.

A guaranteed first round pick for Foote? Ouch. I change my mind a bit. I'm not as pleased with this deal as I was initially, especially if the pick ends up being for this year's draft.

Again, I'll pimp out Jay Onrait's blog with this comment:
Adam Foote has indeed been traded to the Colorado Avalanche as confirmed by TSN's Darren Dreger. This really is unbelievable! They really should talk to Patty Roy about coming back. If Hasek is still playing Roy can still play. Who would you rather have in net if you are an Avs fan? Jose Theodore or roll the dice with a completely out of shape Patrick Roy? I'll take that Roy guy.


Jed said...

damn all we really need now is a new coach :)

Shane Giroux said...

I'm curious how these guys will gel with Q's style. Hannan has had trouble fitting in and he was supposed to be in the same mold as Foote.

Or maybe FG isn't done yet and his big move of the day will be trading Q. Wouldn't that be interesting if you could trade coaches?

Jed said...

Who in their right mind (heck even in their most delirious state) would take Q?

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