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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Avalanche Atop the Northwest Division

With a 5-1 victory over the Oilers, the Avalanche moved atop the Northwest division tonight. Of course the Thrashers defeating the Flames after being down 3-0 helped. Oh, and New Jersey beat Minnesota in a shootout. And just for kicks, it looks like Phoenix is going to crunch the Canucks.

Seriously, the Avalanche have recently pleased the hockey gods as last night and tonight could not have gone any better for this team.

Is anyone missing a goat?


Jibblescribbits said...

That's the best picture for last night, perfect

Shane Giroux said...

Nobody celebrates like Homer :)

Jay Veaner said...

Doesn't it feel weird to have the hockey gods on our side for once this season? I think the sacrifice was Salei's eye, rather than that goat. Great to see him back on the ice, and man does that look nasty. Looking forward to the purples, blue, yellows, and greens that will turn as it heals!

Shane Giroux said...

Yeah, I think that was the worst black eye I've ever seen. If I had the gumption to do a full recap, that was part of the notes I took during the game. But I'm at work now and the notes are at home...meh :)

I'm loving the Salei trade more and more each game. His composure under pressure has led to a few goals recently, including one yesterday.

A lot of other blueliners would peel back on a mid-height clear or tried to bat the puck down with their stick but Salei plays it safe and gets his whole body in the way.

That way even if he can't control the puck, he's in the way of any opposing forward looking for a breakaway.

Jibblescribbits said...

Completely off-topic

But on the small size, you're new(ish) profile pic looks kind of like you're in the middle of an Avs version of Hamlet Shane

Shane Giroux said...

To cheer or not to cheer, that is the question :)

We recently did a new photo shoot for a big proposal we were sending out and got to use a prop or two. Lo and behold I just happened to have some Avalanche paraphernalia in my office ;)

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