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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Crying Game

Paul Kukla (a non-obnoxious Wings fan) linked to Dater's article on Phaneuf being a punk and Wings fans crawled out of the woodwork with whines of "but..but..but...Claude Lemieux!?!"

I'm sure their day is now ruined and they'll be registering their disgust across the Internet for the remainder of it. Look, grow up, dry your tears and get on with your life.

And yes, Phaneuf fights with his shield on so shut up about that too.

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Magnum said...

I love how none of the Wings fans remember that they started all the shit that has gone on; everything just escalated to the Lemieux hit.

Keith Primeau's baseball swing to Forsberg's ankle and Slava Kozlov's punch to Adam Foote's face (which required almost 20 stiches) got everything rolling.

In addition, Scotty Bowman is quite the scum bag for the comments he made to Lemieux after Lemieux was suspended (for the retaliation punch on Kozlov) the first time.

Shane Giroux said...

Didn't you know that Red Wings fans are the only fans in existence who aren't capable of homerism? They have a perfectly unbiased viewpoint on everything and never make a mistake in judgement.

Hell, someone on KK said that the Red Wings take pride on not just quality players, but quality individuals

Right, b/c everyone who plays for the Wings is a freakin' saint.

It's actually kind of funny how much outcry Dater provoked with his blog entry. And it's exactly why I'm glad he writes it :)

Selanne said...

Who else loves this new Adrian Dater who has just thrown caution to the wind? I
didn't used to be a fan of his, but I have really started to find him entertaining, starting with "Blood Feud" and continuing with his coverage this season.

Shane Giroux said...

Absolutely. Nothing like knowing that underneath the edited work he has to put out as a journalist lies someone with a passion for the game.

Magnum said...

They do think that; everyone I live around (besides me, of course) is a Wings fan because I live in Detroit.

Trying to convince people here that Laperierre's hit on Lidstrom was clean is nearly an impossibility.

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