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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wild Down Avalanche in OT

It was a game that made you mad, then happy, then excited, then anxious, then nervous and ultimately...mildly disappointed. The Minnesota Wild took down the Colorado Avalanche 3-2 in overtime to stay on top of the Northwest division.

If all had gone well today, the Avalanche would have solidified a playoff berth and been in the hunt for the division title. The playoffs are still looking probable but the division title is less likely. The Wild would have to lose their next 2 in regulation while the Flames would need to grab no more than 5 of their possible 8 remaining points. Oh, and the Avalanche would have to win their remaining two games. So in the immortal words of Jack Sparrow...not probable.*

Theodore Struggling
Jose Theodore continued to struggle tonight as he has for his last 3 games now. He's fighting the puck off and giving up a lot of goals to his blocker side. The knock on Theodore used to be that his glove side was terrible. Well, he appears to have taken steps to remedy that but it's been to the detriment of his blocker side.

For those hoping for a Budaj start, don't get your hopes up. You should see Theodore start against Vancouver on Tuesday and given that it's a 5 day break until the Wild game, you'll probably see Theodore in goal next Sunday to close out the season. So for better or worse, it will be Theodore leading this team into the playoffs. Here's to hoping he steps his game up again.

Finger the new Liles?
Jeff Finger had a solid game tonight as he found his name on the scoreboard twice, once for scoring the Avalanche's first goal and again for assisting on Salei's tying goal. Unfortunately he also found himself victimized on the winning goal but that whole play boiled down to Hejduk trying to be too cute with the puck.

But what does this have to do with Liles? Well, Finger has found a way to pinch in at just the right time in much the same way as John-Michael Liles used to be able to do. Could the emergence of Finger and the addition of Salei make Liles expendable over the summer? My gut says yes.

Forsberg Injured
Well, it looks like I wasn't a chicken little when I claimed Forsberg played too much and was hurt. Some people toed the company line and believed the "He was out of gas" explanation but it just didn't smell right. If he was so gassed he couldn't sit on the bench for OT and the shootout, why was he fine talking to reporters after the game?

And sure enough Peter Forsberg sat out tonight with what was described as a "groin injury". I'd say "Psst...it's really his foot" but it doesn't really matter. If he continues to play 20+ minutes a game he...well he won't continue to play. I seriously want to beat my head against a wall over his playing time but don't worry, I won't.

I was busy reconstituting my place after getting new flooring installed so I didn't write down any notes. Hopefully I haven't ruined your day but if I have, feel free to send some hate mail my way. No letter bombs though.

*Can a movie only a couple years old have "immortal words" already?

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Magnum said...

The team looked like crap in the first period, as they again tried to find chemistry with Forsberg gone.

Jibblescribbits said...

It was a game that made you mad, then happy, then excited, then anxious, then nervous and ultimately...mildly disappointed.

So then the game was exactly like every time I talked to a pretty girl in High School

Mike at MHH said...

Except replace 'mildly' with 'overwhelmingly'...

Shane Giroux said...

mag, yeah, this team is definitely a different squad when Forsberg is out.

jib, you had pretty girls at your high school? What's that like? (I hope no female former classmates are reading this)

mike, they got a point. Didn't you know that's "success" for the Avalanche. That extra point for a win is just gravy ;)

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