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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Joe Sakic Discusses Future with the Avalanche

I had a craptacular day today and once it was finally winding down, I came across an article on And let me tell you, it let me turn down the suck and turn up the good. Anyone still remember that movie? No? Good.

Let's cut right to me pilfering the content of that article. The first paragraph should be enough to have you up and whistling "zippity-doo-da" tomorrow morning:

When the Colorado Avalanche named Tony Granato as their new head coach late last week no one could have been happier then captain Joe Sakic.
"Ah ha!" you say. "Giguere signed Granato because he knew it would lure Joe back for one more year."

It's a good theory. I don't fully buy it but it's a good theory. I think removing Quenneville was enough to lure Joe back for one more year. I also think that Sakic still has at least one more good season in him and he's not about to go out wondering if he could have played one more year. I've said since the season ended that I didn't think Sakic was retiring and I still stand by that.

Plus his wife has left the ball in his court on this one. And I think you know what men tend to do when the ball is in their court.

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Dario said...

Other reasons for Sakic to stay:

Look how close he is to moving up these historic ladders:

Wayne Gretzky, 894
Gordie Howe, 801
Brett Hull, 741
Marcel Dionne, 731
Phil Esposito, 717
Mike Gartner, 708
Mark Messier, 694
Steve Yzerman, 692
Mario Lemieux, 690
Luc Robitaille, 668
Brendan Shanahan, 650
Jaromir Jagr, 646
Dave Andreychuk, 640
Joe Sakic, 623

Wayne Gretzky, 1963
Ron Francis, 1249
Mark Messier, 1193
Ray Bourque, 1169
Paul Coffey, 1135
Adam Oates, 1079
Steve Yzerman, 1063
Gordie Howe, 1049
Marcel Dionne, 1040
Mario Lemieux, 1033
Joe Sakic, 1006

and Points:
1. Wayne Gretzky* 2857
2. Mark Messier* 1887
3. Gordie Howe* 1850
4. Ron Francis* 1798
5. Marcel Dionne* 1771
6. Steve Yzerman 1755
7. Mario Lemieux* 1723
8. Joe Sakic 1629

He can pass some of the biggest names in hockey if he continues to play. He also has fewer games played than most of the players in front of him. I think Lemieux is the only player with fewer games played.

Shane Giroux said...

It would be nice to see him keep sliding up those charts. Passing Andreychuk for goals and Lemieux and Dionne for assists are well within reach.

And a part of me really wants him to surpass Yzerman on those lists.

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