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Monday, October 20, 2008

Avalanche @ Kings - Game 6 Preview

Game preview
Budaj is in. A two-game win streak has begun. A three-game win streak will be had by the end of the night.

Will Sakic and Stastny keep up their 5-game point streaks? I'd like to think so.

There shouldn't be any changes to the lineup from the last two games so the lines should be:


With Jones' limited ice-time last game, it's not out of the question to see him sit for a game or two at some point unless he picks it up. In the meantime, he'll continue to find himself down on the third line rather than skating with Super Joe. That might hurt as much as watching from the press box.

Game time
The puck drops at 10:30 ET, 8:30 MT on Altitude and FSN-W.

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Azazael said...

I am gonna be so tired tomorrow at work....

I hate when the Avs go to the 'other' coast to play.

Shane Giroux said...

No doubt. Once daylight savings ends, I give up one more hour and those games will be starting at 9:30, not 8:30.

I take it you're on the east coast and will be up past midnight watching the game?

horbayj said...

hey shane

i nearly choked on my chicken pot pie, according to geno reda on that's hockey, RAYCROFT WILL START

Shane Giroux said...

Really? I'm more inclined to think TSN dropped the ball there.

It's been widely reported that Budaj is back in so unless he's injured, the Buddha should be in net tonight.

Unless Granato is trying to outdo Quenneville in the "mess with the goalies heads" department.

Shane Giroux said...

Goaliepost.com seems to feel the same way.

I don't want to call TSN liars but...they may be misinformed ;)

horbayj said...

thank you jesus!!

i dont know if i could ever trust geno again...

Azazael said...

Somehow my user name got changed to a different account.

Yeah I was up until 1:15 watching the game last night. Go go 4 hours of sleep today.

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