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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Top Down Trickle?

The frustration has mounted and AD has blown his top in another emotional post where he points the finger directly at management. Even if you don't agree with everything he says, you've got to love the style with which he says it.

Theo can stay gone
I think he's dead wrong on Theodore. I'm glad the guy is gone. I saw a good portion of his first two games with Washington and they weren't pretty. Though he does have one win under his belt which is more than you can say for Budaj.

Break out the cigars and brandy
But look past the lack of confidence in Budaj and he's right on the management issues. In fact, he was right nearly four months ago when he said:
PL, FG, TG - they’re all in the good-ol’ boys’ club. There’s no system of checks and balances w/ mgmt. FG is not a personnel guy - that’s PL’s area… and frankly, that’s the problem. Our GM doesn’t know squat about hockey players - he only knows what they’re worth with regards to the salary cap. Yes, Arnason may be worth $1.7M on the market, but that doesn’t mean we should pay him that much! His numbers don’t give an accurate pic of how little heart he has.
I've been very happy with the contract's FG has given out from a cap standpoint. But has he shown the ability to successfully manage a hockey team?

Signing snaffu?
Giguere certainly has made some good moves such as bringing in Ryan Smyth and Scott Hannan. But they weren't difficult moves to justify, as opposed to some of this other ones.

Take the Raycroft signing. If Budaj falters, plan B is the worst goaltender - stats wise - in the league? I didn't like it then, I accept it now, but I'll admit the concern is starting to fester. It's ulcerific.

The Arnason re-signing I can forgive him for. Arnason had played well the year before and looked to have finally gained a little gumption. But once he started slumping again, it needed to be addressed. But today we find him still centering the third line with his mediocre efforts and lackluster results and I can't recall a time where he was an uninjured scatch.

And letting Andrew Brunette go the way he did was just wrong. No phone call, he just let the guy assume he wasn't going to be re-signed and assume that the organization would wish him well in future endeavours. It felt very cold for a guy that had played so well over the last two seasons at a very reasonable price.

But hey, maybe I'm just bitchy today after 3 straight losses coupled with a lingering flu causing me to miss out on the final warm days of the year in Saskatchewan.

So let me ask you: when was the last time you said "Great move, FG!" without any sarcasm?


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