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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Avalanche vs Wild, Game 13 Preview

Well that was a long layoff. The Avalanche haven't played hockey since their 2-1 win over the Buffalo Sabres on October 23rd so I expect them to be well rested for tonight's home game against the Minnesota Wild.

Sakic hurt?
The big question tonight is whether Joe Sakic will be in the lineup or not. He left yesterday's practice with a strained back but Tony Granato claimed it wasn't serious.

It sounds like his status depends on the morning skate which - as I'm late writing this - should have already happened.

Has anyone heard the latest?

This cloud could have a silver lining. If Hensick shows he's ready for the big leagues, it could make a certain someone expendable.

We can keep hoping, right?

Home sweet home
Tonight will also be a chance for Francois Giguere to come face-to-face with his bonehead move of the offseason - bringing in Darcy Tucker to replace Andrew Brunette.

Brunette: 11 games - 4 goals, 4 assists
Tucker: 12 games - 1 goal, 3 assists

And let's not get started on the character that Brunette brought to the locker room as noted in this DP article.

Is it too late to start a grassroots "Bring back Bruno" petition?

Comment issues
Apparently some folks are having trouble posting comments on the site. I've added a poll to see how many people are having troubles. If it's more than just a couple people, I'll roll back to the old, sucky comment system until things start working again. 

Come on, Google! Roll out a solid, working embedded comment system. It's been a long time coming.

Game time
The puck drops at 9:00 ET, 7:00 MT, 8 CBLT (crazy backwards land time)

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SportSpyder.com said...

Shane, Regarding your poll, you have to have a blogger account to comment which isnt clear.

BTW, I am creating/promoting an Avs news feed on SportSpyder which aggregates all the mainstream and independent news and updates continually http://www.sportspyder.com/teams/colorado-avalanche/news and wondering if I can get it added to your site list :)

Also if I'm missing any good sources I can add them such as NHL.tv


Shane Giroux said...

Hi Dallas,

You should be able to choose to be anonymous, input a Name/URL pair or use a few of the other options in the Comment as: dropdown.

I tried an anonymous and name/url pair comments myself earlier and both worked fine.

I also know one of the people having trouble commenting always does it through his blogger account.

It's a bit of a weird issue since it's hard for me to troubleshoot an issue with third-party code. Maybe I'll just code up my own blogging system so I can have complete control over how it works ;)

Shane Giroux said...

And as I was posting that comment, I actually had trouble getting it through!

Interesting. When I get a chance today, I'll check around to see if others are experiencing this issue and whether they have any workarounds.

If not, I'll roll back to the old system and file a support request with Blogger.

SportSpyder.com said...

The "Comment as" dropdown was empty until I signed in. Perhaps browser related? Im on Firefox version 3.

Jed said...

I can comment again! (for now anyway :) )

Mike at MHH said...

I've been able to comment using my Google account.

I'm purposely not going to mention the Avs game. I think at this point, I might try forgetting the whole season.

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