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Monday, November 3, 2008

Finally some vindication for David Jones

The Dallas Stars are the talk of the town today. In a post by the Forechecker, he takes another look at the penalty +/- stat with regard to Brendan Morrow.

In the one game between the Avs and Stars, I noted Morrow was not acting like a captain should and the numbers are certainly backing that up.

But what does this have to do with David Jones?

Well the youngster finds himself near the top of the list with a +4 rating after drawing five penalties and committing just one.

Ok, three of the five likely came from just one game but I'm trying to use a little cognitive dissonance here.

I predicted a 30-goal season for Jones and so far he's got a grand total of one goal which puts him on pace for an amazing eight goal season. 

At least it would be a career high...


Draft Dodger said...

but didn't Arnason excel at this category last year?

Shane Giroux said...

Dissonance man, dissonance! :)

Yeah, Arnason was high up there last year and led the Avs as well:
2007/08 Penalties Drawn/Taken

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