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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mats Sundin Leaving Canada for a Tax Loophole?

I'm sitting at a coffee shop with free wi-fi and while watching my fantasy football team go down in flames, I decided to check out the latest sports headlines.

A link from Kukla caught my eye due to the excellent line of:

"Why Ron Wilson is the coach of the month in the NHL: Name another coach who has fixed two teams, one by arriving and one by departing"
So I headed on over to the Toronto Sun article to see if there were any other gems hidden inside. And it didn't disappoint.

It started off with an interesting piece on the unsavory relationship between Bob Goodenow and David Frost and then capped itself off with this nugget:
If Mats (Toronto is my home) Sundin has his house up for sale, don't bet on him playing for any Canadian team. It has to do with a tax loophole foreign athletes get. When he gets out of Canada, he gets a big cheque from the government. But if he stays, he gets nothing.
Interesting. So if Mats leaves the country, we give him money. If he stays, we keep his money.

But what do we do once he gets to the border, has one leg in the States, one leg in Canada and says "I can't make up my mind"?


pingu said...

Forgive my ignorance, but if Sundin stayed, would he not be eligible for the same tax break next year?

Shane Giroux said...

Without knowing anything about this specific tax rule - or any tax rules really - you would think so.

But who knows how convoluted that rule is. Maybe it has something to do with length of time spent in Canada or something regarding home ownership.

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