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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Avalanche Dethrone Kings, Win 6-1

Remember how last game I only got to see bits and pieces? Well this game I saw jack squat.

The cable is hooked up but I haven't had time to move my TV over yet. Couple that with playing volleyball most of the evening and it just wasn't my night for hockey watching.

Thankfully the Avs proved they didn't need me rooting for them every night as they finally did the unthinkable: win a game by more than a goal.

That's right, the Avalanche defeated the Kings tonight by a score of 6-1. That's a friggin' 5-goal cushion!

Talk about winning the games you should win and doing it convincingly.

Svatos injured?
Unfortunately it sounds like Marek Svatos got hurt in the second period and didn't return.

Svatos has been on fire lately and often times has looked like the only guy who showed up to play. Hopefully keeping him out of the game was just a precaution.

Banging out the positives
On the positive side of the equation,  Cody Mcleod banged home two goals and Ian Laperriere banged around John Zieler. And he did it without sucker punching anyone. Who knew you could do that?

Add in Chris Stewart's first NHL tally and you've got a solid night of hockey that everyone can enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Sakic out three months following a snow blower incident that required hand surgery.

He's done.

Jay said...

I thought that comment was a joke from a Red Wing fan or something, and it's just now hitting the blogs. Joe just can't buy a break this season. Unbelieveable...

Shane Giroux said...

Same here, Jay. It just sounded too surreal to be true. Alas...

Anonymous said...


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