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Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm Freakin' Out Man!

Ok, I just had a bad last hour here at work and thought I'd calm my mind by checking out the latest news.

For world news it was "economic crisis" this and "recession" that so I turned to the old trusted standby: hockey.

It's always there to comfort you. Stories about refs swearing at players, legends nearly severing their fingers in a snow blower and former team owners looking at PMITA prison time for securities fraud.

It's always enough to give you a chuckle, if only out of exasperation.

But today I damn near lost it. And it only took the headline to do it. Are you ready for it? Here it is.

"Hossa has no regrets signing one-year deal with Wings despite economy"

Are you *bleeping* kidding me? He signed a contract for $7.45M - that's "M" with an "illion" after it - and you think he'd be worried about the economy?

He's got a better debt-to-asset ratio than most banks in the US. Hell, he might even be able to single-handedly take one over (I'm looking at you Bear Stearns).

He has 29 points in 27 games and has been the Red Wings best player up to this point. Considering he's on  a team with names like Datsyuk, Zetterberg and Lidstrom, that's saying something.

I'm sick and f'n tired of hearing about the "economic crisis" and I certainly don't need to hear it in some sort of ridiculous tie-in to hockey that an intern thought up in the shower this morning.

Teams might need to buckle their belts a little bit next year but do you really think the superstars won't get paid?


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horbayj said...

so on a totally unrelated topic...thanks to the great people at starchoice, ive been watching non stop hockey for 2 nights thanks to a free centre ice preview, yet i get the road feeds? i was under the impression it was always the home feed..i am watching the pens roll the isles, and i was hoping for some mike lange one liners :P

Shane Giroux said...


Yeah, I get the home feed more often than the road feed but it's not the given I expected it to be.

I think folks with DirecTV have enough channels that they actually get to choose which feed they want to watch.

Jed said...

For some games this year center ice is offering both feeds. For the Avs it has predominately been the Altitude feed, which keeps me happy.

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