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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Avalanche Jobbed by BJs, Lose 4-3

Kristian Huselius celebrates one of his two goals against the Colorado Avalanche
A low-scoring game exploded into a high-scoring affair in the span of less than four minutes.

The Avalanche scored in the final three minutes of the first but were answered by the Blue Jackets in the final two minutes of the second. I was half-asleep in my chair.

The third period started with me in the kitchen on a tangent about vitamins B12 and D (which I'm sure my girlfriend appreciated).

Then the goal horn went off.

Then the crowd went silent.

Then the goal horn went off again. And again.

From 1-1 to 4-2 Columbus in under three minutes.

Then the Columbus feed cut to some sort of infomercial with Mike Peca and by the time they cut back, the Avs had cut the lead to one while on the powerplay.

Note to producers: don't allow a lame, pre-taped vignette to take time away from the game. Especially while one team is on the powerplay. But especially never.

The least you could do is inset the bloody game so we can watch what we paid to see.

In the end, the Avs got a little sloppy, the BJs capitalized and there wasn't enough time for the Avalanche to recover.

Quick Thoughts
Why does Darcy Tucker have a perma-scowl on his face? And why does he continue to act like a fool on the ice? I'm tired of him.

Granato doesn't appear to feel the same way. He had Tucker out on the ice with just over a minute left in a one-goal game.

Steve Mason was very un-Mason-like tonight but he still got the job done. Oh what it must feel like to have a blue-chip goaltending prospect playing like a Vezina winner 95% of the time.

Brett Clark fired a slapshot at Mason from beyond the red line with a full six seconds left on the clock. Genius. It's what's for dinner.

John-Michael Liles laid out Derek Dorsett in the 2nd. I want to see that side of Liles more often.

Kristian Huselius was a fantasy stud for me tonight with one goal, two assists and a +2 rating. But it's a hollow victory.

Andrew Raycroft lost. Did you know that was allowed?

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