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Friday, January 9, 2009

Avalanche Slide Past Blackhawks, Win 2-1

Andrew Raycroft of the Colorado Avalanche  makes one of his 43 stops against the Chicago Blackhawks
Full disclosure - I spent a lot of time watching funny videos on the Fail Blog during this game.

It's not that the game wasn't exciting. It was. But I needed some laughter and Fail Blog never lets me down.

Once the smoke had cleared, the Avs had their second straight win, Raycroft had his sixth, and I was in a pretty chipper mood.

Raycroft the starter?
Geo makes a case for Andrew Raycroft to be the starter.

And as long as he keeps winning, that's what will happen.

It's not that he has significantly outplayed Peter Budaj. It's that he has out-winned him.

If Raycroft keeps his streak going, Granato will keep playing him.

Wojtek Wolski scores the winning goal as the Colorado Avalanche beat the Chicago Blackhawks
Wolski a-way!
Wojtek Wolski has been a friggin' superhero since being moved to center.

With three goals in his last three games, it's almost enough to make you forget the team is missing Joe Sakic and Paul Stastny.

Ok, it's not even close but remember one thing: if those two hadn't gone down, Wolski would still be mired in inconsistency on the left wing.

Once Stastny and Sakic are back, the Avs will have a pretty solid group down the middle.

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Anonymous said...

Thx for the review! By the way, it's failblog.org not .com! ;)

Anonymous said...

Raycroft is slowly becoming a force in net. What a stud . Keep it up and and Bufaj will be a faint memory as starter. Win or go home . Go AVS

Shane Giroux said...

Thanks, anon. That's what I get for not copy-pasting.

I wouldn't call Raycroft a stud just yet. He's making saves and getting wins but he's still looking sloppy while doing so.

Bruce Hollingdrake said...

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