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Friday, February 13, 2009

Avalanche vs Canadiens Game Preview

By now, you should all be aware that the season is over. I was under that impression since the beginning of February and the last three losses have really driven it home.

Regardless of that, the fact remains that there is a game tonight. And though a full-blown implosion would certainly drive the point home to the higher ups, I want the players to keep busting their asses to try and win hockey games. The ones that do will prove that they've got the balls to play in this league. The rest can go home.

Tonight the Avalanche face another slumping team in the Montreal Canadiens. And you know what's really awful about seeing the Canadiens in the dumps like this? They're just waiting to play against the right team who will let them turn things around. The Avalanche can be that team.

I'll be watching with very conflicting emotions tonight. I've got money on the Canadiens, will have a Habs fan sitting on my couch and will have an old school Avalanche jersey in the corner reminding me of my pride for the team. "Remember when we were a contender? Those were the days..." it says to me every time I look at it.

In fact, it got me thinking just now. The team has been mediocre at best since the arrival of their new jersey design. And though I'm not crazy enough to blame the jerseys for their woes, I don't like how I associate losing with those bloody sweaters. And now I just pissed off a whole lot of people by interchanging jersey and sweater.

Honestly though, when I look at my old jersey, I see "winner". Because that's what the team did while wearing them. I see no such thing when looking at the current jerseys. Thankfully they haven't tarnished the logo or yeti foot. Those will always be dear to my heart.

So to any Avalanche personnel reading this: once you figure out a strategy to revamp the team into a contender, let's also see a better jersey design come out to accompany that squad.

Because they'll deserve better.


Anonymous said...

Next season, by a stroke of luck Joe will be back to play another year and stay helthy to lead our AVS. Even though they [AVS] did a good job fighting this league with out some of our [key] players they still lacked the skills those players have. Which in-tern cost us goals, on both ends of the ice. But if Raycroft and Budaj can become more consistant and our defense tightens up they will have a real team next year. Having Stastny, Foote, and Sakic will bring back that flare we all love in Colorado's game. This year, seemingly slipping by. But call me crazy but our AVS always find ways to amaze us, so we can hope. But look foward to next season, that will surely be a great season!!
Tyler Ray

horbayj said...

it was a good idea you put your money on les canadiens, shane :P

Shane Giroux said...

Tyler, I admire your optimism but unfortunately don't buy in to it ;)

We had Stastny, Foote and Sakic earlier in the year and were still struggling as a .500 club.

On paper the defense and offense were solid. Not spectacular but solid. Unfortunately that didn't play out and you have to lay some of that at the coaches feet. All of them.

The injury can only be played if the team was clicking before everybody went down.

Shane Giroux said...

horbayj, tell me about it. You had to assume Montreal would break the slump sooner or later.

But this certainly wasn't the turnaround game they were looking for. But it's a start for them.

Jibblescribbits said...

Colorado Avalanche 2008-2009: Slumpbusters

Anonymous said...


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