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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Avs Trounced By Ducks, Lose 7-2

I stopped off at the grocery store on my way home from work to grab some chicken and ended up leaving with milk and a mini watermelon. It was seedless so I was instantly sold. I still get leery of having a watermelon plant growing inside me if I accidentally swallow one. It could happen.

When I got home, the girlfriend was tuned in to American Idol so I unpacked the leftovers from lunch, put away the milk, pretended to give birth to the mini-watermelon (as my way of introducing the gf to the cute little thing) and settled in to the couch to catch some Simon quips. Boy, Adam lit it up tonight! Hopefully Megan is going home tomorrow. She's hot but no superstar in the making.


I sat around and thought about stuff for a while. Do you think free will can exist even if our lives are predetermined? Some folks do but it made my head hurt so I closed all those tabs and burned them in effigy. Then I read about this "recession thing" that's going down. Sounds serious.


I found mold on some bread so I tossed it. Then I got a craving for some toast, necessitating trip #2 to the grocery store. I came back with bread, honey, sliced almonds, butter and two apples. See, while I was there I decided I wanted to make an apple pie. Of course I forgot to get some oats and I just didn't have a third trip in me today. Tomorrow shall be the day.


I checked out the scores of the other games and noticed that the Sharks-Hawks game was not 5-3 Hawks in the 3rd. I smelled a comeback so quickly tuned in. Devon Setoguchi and Joe Thornton scored in the final five minutes to tie it up. How excited must Sharks fans have been! Unfortunately for them, the Hawks won in a shootout. I wonder if Joel Quenneville will switch to Cristobal Huet after uncharacteristically declaring Nikolai Khabibulin as "the man"?

Bethany twitted "I wonder who the Avs will put in for the third?" and that got me thinking of how awesome it would be if the NHL was run like the WWE.

Mike Haynes: This team is getting beaten like a rented mule!
Peter McNab: My goodness, Mike! I'm surprised they're even standing after that thrashing. It's unbelievable the heart this team has against this evil Ducks squad.
Mike Haynes: To pull out a win here, it's going to take a miracle!
Peter McNab: There's only one man who can give them that, Mike.

*cue the music*


Fans rise out of their seats...the music picks up to a crescendo as the chorus kicks in. And then the Avalanche appear led by...Patrick Roy!

Mike Haynes: Stone Cold! Stone Cold! The Rattlesnake! I mean....Patrick Roy! Patrick Roy! He's back! Business is about to pick up!
Peter McNab: I can't believe my eyes! The Anaheim Ducks have turned tail and left the arena!
Mike Haynes: They left quicker than a hiccup!

The fans swarm the ice, hoping for one touch by their saviour...

Of course, the sad truth is that even Patrick Roy couldn't save this team. And if he did, he certainly wouldn't do it to the tune of Huey Lewis.

Sorry I didn't do much for a recap but I figure if the team doesn't give a shit, why should I?



Ian said...

Any reason NOT to bring up the kid from Lake Erie to mind the net the last few games and give him a chance to see what it's like playing with an AHL team against an NHL team?

BTW, local CHL affiliates Rocky Mountain Rage AND the Colorado Eagles are both in the playoffs, and both putting on a better show on ice than the big boys downtown.

Adam Hersh said...

Haha the Stone Cold bit was awesome. As I read the WWE part, I was hoping that either Stone Cold or The Rock would be brought up, and you of course didn't disappoint! Maybe The Rock will give up acting and come be our goalie. Couldn't hurt, right? I could just envision him skating to center ice, in a game against the Canucks, and dropping the People's Elbow on Luongo. I can dream, can't I?

horbayj said...

so the lone 'bright spot' we're second last, i smell a london knight...

Shane Giroux said...

Ian, Weiman would have to clear waivers to be sent back down. Of course they could call him up and keep him up until the regular season is over.

Shane Giroux said...

Adam, if The Rock was on this team, opponents wouldn't even show up. What's the point when you're going to be Rock Bottomed anyways? /geek

Shane Giroux said...

horb, I'll be watching the lottery with more anticipation than the last dozen games.

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