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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Avalanche vs Coyotes Game Preview

It's been a while since I did a game preview but I felt like phoning one in while I had nothing else to do.

I'm sitting here at the office riding out the next hour until it's time for Game 7 of the Saskatoon Blades-Lethbridge Hurricanes series. It's going to be a packed house tonight and it should be one hell of a game. But it means I will completely miss the Avalanche game tonight.

See, this morning, I had my day mostly planned out. The morning of work would be taken up with a few tasks, then in the afternoon I was going to be at the University of Saskatchewan for a while which is always a nice break. There was a presentation by a former coworker on the Palm Pre which I wanted to attend and then myself and my boss were guest lecturers for a web programming class. Then I would head back to the office, register for a volleyball league - more on that later - head home, set the Avs game to record and head out to SaskPlace.

The morning went as expected, the Palm Pre talk was interesting - I want one! - and then it was time for the guest lecture. I've done guest lectures before but usually I had researched what I was going to say. This time, I forgot I was doing it until last night so I wasn't that prepared. But I think I successfully fooled everyone into thinking I knew what I was talking about.

I lingered a little while longer at the university - it is spring after all and it's a beautiful campus - and ended up back at the office by 4:45. At 5:20, myself and a coworker had to be at a different campus - SIAST - to register for a volleyball league and attend their AGM. I quickly whipped off a few emails and chatted to some people and then we headed off to register. We were the first ones there - saying that always reminds me of Chevy Chase in National Lampoon's Vacation when he arrives at Wally World - and we got our names on the list. Ching!

Now the Blades game starts at 7:00 and I thought it was all good. Our names were on the list and there was still an hour and a half to spare. But then I asked the question I shouldn't have asked: "Do we have to stay for the whole meeting to keep our spot on the list?" And I got the answer I didn't want to hear: "Yes"

You tell any diehard hockey fan that they have to miss a Game 7 of any series be it NHL, AHL, WHL, SMJHL and all the way down to Pee-Wee rec leagues and they'll probably tell you to go "get better acquainted with yourself", if you catch my drift.

But thankfully I've got a dear of a friend who said "Go watch the game, I'll stay"

So now I feel guilty as hell that I'm making her stay all by herself to suffer through a dreadful meeting and I'm also mildly disappointed I won't get home to set the Avs game to record.

But it's Game 7, I paid for the tickets and I can't miss this. Even if it means I have to kowtow to a friend for a few weeks so I don't feel like a major ass.

Best game preview ever, eh? Enjoy the game but spend some of your energy cheering on the Blades, eh? They need it more than the Avs do.


horbayj said...

i hear a crowd of 7 k will be on hand at Sask Place (I refuse to call it by its 'corporate name') shame they have a brutal home record :(

AvsHockeyPodcast said...

Shane...You didn't miss a thing but another injury. Ryan Smyth left the game in the second with a hand injury. Wonderful. Don't waste your time going back and watching it. Not worth the time, as are most of the games lately. Not trying to ruin anything, just looking out for you man. I hope you enjoyed watching some real hockey tonight.

Shane Giroux said...

I hear ya, horb. The announced attendance was close to 11,000! It was a hell of a crowd and a hell of a terrible performance by the Blades. They had heart but were completely lacking execution.

Jay, yep, I won't even bother. I don't even want to see the highlights.

Hopefully Smyth isn't too injured. I do hope the Avs win one more game before the season is over.

Adam Hersh said...


Do we think this group can pull off a win before the end of the year? As much as I want to believe they can, it's kind of hard to with the lineup they're putting on the ice every night. Maybe they'll somehow win one of the games we're in town for. So far, they're 0-3 this season while I'm in attendance at Pepsi Center (1-0 at Staples Center). Is there anything that can keep that streak from hitting a pathetic 0-6 level?

Anonymous said...


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