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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Avs to Hire In-House GM; Does Jay Feaster Count?

This little ditty was in a Montreal Gazette column today:

Colorado looks for GM 'in-house': A report in the Denver Post said fired Colorado Avalanche general manager François Giguère will be replaced by "one of several in-house candidates." If that's the case, you can bet team president Pierre Lacroix has already decided Patrick Roy will be behind the Colorado bench next season.
Color me unsurprised.

Promotion from within is great but there is also a time for outside help. Last year's coaching "search" was likely one of those times. The new GM is possibly one of those times as well.

Former Tampa Bay Lightning GM Jay Feaster has contacted Lacroix regarding his interest in the position. Will Lacroix - even with the history between the two - bother to entertain the notion? It feels doubtful.

Feaster is by no means the answer, but it would be nice to know that they're casting the net far and wide in their search.

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