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Monday, April 13, 2009

Franois Giguere...You're Fired!

As I'm waiting in line to check in to head back to Saskatoon, I got a text message from TSN stating "Colorado Avalanche fire General Manager Francois Giguere"

It's not surprising this happened nor is it surprising it happened this soon. This was a dreadful season and seeing players like Tyler Arnason and Darcy Tucker on the ice magnified the horror. With two 1-0 losses to close out the season, that was all the big shots could handle.

Swift action is a sign that ownership is as pissed off as we are about how the last three seasons went down so I'm feeling a bit optimistic at the moment.

That they didn't announce a dual firing could indicate that Tony G gets to stick around for another year.

More thoughts once I'm back in moose country.

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