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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Roy Out, Sakic Too?

By now, I'm sure you're all aware that Patrick Roy confirmed Pierre Lacroix's head coaching job offer by turning it down. It was a hail mary pass that was not caught and one has to wonder why Lacroix tossed it so early.

One other fact we all know, which this sideshow distracted us from, is that Joe Sakic is once again on the brink of retirement. He won't announce his intentions to the public until after the Stanley Cup has been awarded, but has he already told Lacroix?

Because if Lacroix knows Joe is going to retire, he knows the franchise face is gone. And if the franchise face is gone, myriad questions pop up including "How are we going to sell season tickets?"

Cue St. Patrick.

But he didn't answer the call.


Devon Rathie Wright said...

Smyth can be the franchise face, he was over in Dedmonton.

Shane Giroux said...

He was it in Edmonton b/c he'd been there so long. He's only been with the Avs a couple seasons now which isn't long enough to really count as a drawing factor for season tickets IMO.

Hejduk would be next in line based on the current roster but I don't know if I'd call Hejduk a season ticket drawing franchise face either.

Stastny will hopefully be it in the future, but he's not it yet.

Sakic put butts in the seats because he was Joe. Roy put butts in the seats because he was our Saint. Forsberg drove ticket sales when he came back as did Foote, which I'm sure was a motivating factor for signing/trading for them.

But how many people would buy tickets just to see Hejduk? Or Smyth?

AvsHockeyPodcast said...

Shane...You're depressing me dude. Stop talking like that.

Shane Giroux said...

Sorry, Jay. Had the thought while washing dishes last night and couldn't let it pass without sharing it ;)

Liam O'Neil said...

joe sakic sucks

Shane Giroux said...

He sure does, Liam. He sure does.

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