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Friday, June 26, 2009

Draft Day Begins in 10 Minutes

Our wonderful IT crew has our Internet up and running, I found a TV with a cable connection and I'm good to go!

Rumor is Duchene is going #1. I don't believe it. I still think the Islanders are crazy to not take Tavares. He's ready to play. Duchene might not be.

Nonetheless, the intrigue has spiced things up!

Buckle down, folks. Garth Snow should be up at the podium in about 10 minutes.


Anonymous said...

Dude, all this talk about Tavares being more ready is based upon the fact he has been the chosen one for four years in the OHL...breakin Gretzky records will do that.

Duchene has to play this year, don't you think? At best we are hoping not to be in the top five picks in next years draft, so what's the worry with getting him the action?

Superjoe via Unincorporated Deuce

Shane Giroux said...

People say it was a smokescreen put up by Snow. I think it was a media-created phenomenon. Simply because nobody knew with 100% certainty, they played it up as being anyone's game.

Duchene could make the team, for sure. But I'd have no qualms with him going back to junior or even spending time in the AHL. I'd prefer a slower developmental process over tossing youngsters right in the fire. But I'm conservative that way.

Anonymous said...


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