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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Avalanche 2 - Canucks 800; Game Thoughts

The new third jerseys are cursed and should never be worn again.

And I'll never trash talk Roberto Luongo again because he apparently reads this blog and was not happy with my cockiness.

Stupid karma.


R. Boulding said...


Paulo said...

I know I read once that people preferred to be outshot and win, however, now the Avs is payed the price of excess defensive playing. Against Chicago, the Avs dominated the 1st and 2nd periods outshooting the Blackhalks, winning face-offs and winning those periods. On the 3rd period the Avs let Chicago tie the game. That period the Avs had about 3 shots on goal. Against Vacouver, the Avs allowed the Canucks to take the lead and dominate the game. This cannot happen again! Especially in Denver. Colorado has to improve offensively. We need more weapons apart from penalty killing and the magical defenses by Anderson. We got the potential to do so! Just look at the games against Chicago. Face-offs, shots on goal, possession of the puck and power play goals are important complements to a strong defense, a great goalie and a good penalty killing percentage. Go AVS!!! Lets do this!

Shane Giroux said...

I hear you, Paulo but this defense wasn't just lax tonight. It was completely porous and very unlike how they started the season.

I'm not concerned the wheels have fallen off as this was likely a good wakeup call, especially for the youngsters.

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