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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Why I'm Right and You're Wrong

With everybody chiming in on the Kovalchuk contract rejection saga, I felt compelled to crawl out of my cave and share a few thoughts.

I don't see how this drama can be framed in the light of "big market team vs small market team". Atlanta offered the same dollars to Kovalchuk and he passed. If the small market team was willing to pony up, doesn't that immediately quash the "small-market" complaints?

Elite players will always get paid and often it will be at the expense of lower-tier talent. Is that the fault of the elite players? Only as much as they contribute to the supply-demand aspect of the market. So ask yourself this: Is it an elite player's fault that he's elite?

Think the Devils ownership is upset at Lucky Lou for basically saying he felt dirty about the contract? Or did Lou know something we didn't at the time he said it?

Quit blaming the league for rejecting the contract after the Devils held a presser. They were within their rights to deny it when they did and they had no part in scheduling the Devils conference. There's plenty to blame the league for so save your energy for the legit ones.

I'm more than happy for teams to find a way to keep their squads together. But maybe teams need to think more Mike Richards and less Marian Hossa.

I like Ilya Kovalchuk. He's got his faults but there's just something about him I'm drawn to. Maybe it was the finger point to Crosby which I personally found hilarious. Even after he single-handedly sunk Team Canada in the World Championships, I couldn't hate him. But now that I've heard his name so damn much, I'm starting to get sick of him.

Why are we all getting worked up about exactly how a millionaire will have his contract structured to get his millions? I enjoy the discussions but don't look at it as tragedy, look at it as farce. It's more enjoyable that way.

*And the reason for the headline is a joke and the person who inspired it will know who they are.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't put it past Lou to have reached out to his buddy Bettman and told him to take the stand here and now.

Shane Giroux said...

spoon, yep, I don't put anything past Lou!

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