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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Avalanche Earn Second Straight Road Win

It was the 2nd game in less than 24 hours for both the Panthers and Avalanche but you wouldn't know it by the energy these teams brought this afternoon.

The Avalanche came away with a 4-3 shootout win after leading on 3 separate occasions in the game to gather their second straight road win in as many days.

It felt a bit like Carolina except in reverse. The Avalanche got ahead and though the Panthers were able to draw even each time, they were never able to leap ahead. Milan Hejduk's wrister in the shootout was then all that was needed to grab the extra point.

Marek Svatos continued his goal scoring ways as his 11th goal over the last 14 games tonight. It was another rebound he pounced on in the low slot. It should go to show everyone out there that good things happen when you go to the net. Of course the quick hands are beneficial as well.

Andrew Brunette may not have those quick hands but he certainly understands the concept of driving the net. He got his 7th and 8th of the season tonight and both were the result of some good hard work. On his first he basically outmuscled the Panthers D on a wraparound and then buried his own rebound. He then cleaned up some garbage in front of the net in a very Svatos-like way.

Yes, Svatos is my new man crush at the moment. What of it?

Along with all the goals tonight, there was a flurry of fights to go with them. They all happened in the first 13 minutes of the first period. I guess since nobody got their afternoon nap they were all a bit extra surly.

Cody McLeod started things off with Nathan Horton - yes Nathan Horton - in a contest that I'd give to Horton. Not too long after Ian Laperriere and Steve Montador then went at it in a wrestling contest with no real winner. And to round out the fight card, Brett Clark went at it with Olli Jokinen. Yes, Clark vs Jokinen. I think they were as surprised as we were.

Theodore was the surprise start as was Tomas Vokoun at the other end. Both had started the night before and everyone expected to see Budaj vs Anderson. The coaches decided to screw with everyone's mind and we had another right-hand catching showdown.

This was no showdown ala the Theo-DiPietro one though. Theodore gave up 3 goals, all of which I'd really like to see him stop. The Jokinen goal on the PP was another well-placed shot low-blocker but Theodore wasn't out challenging enough. The David Booth goal was another that went in under his armpit. Gotta tighten things up in that butterfly.

Will we see Theodore get his fifth straight start when the Avalanche visit the Lightning on Tuesday? I guarantee that at this point, not even Q knows that answer to that one.


Nothing too crazy here though the 3rd and 4th lines were shuffled around a bit as the game went on. Hlinka had some shifts centering McCormick and Laperriere while Stastny was sometimes double-shifted with Hlinka and Brunette.

I had a hard time following the lines too closely as I had to fend for myself this weekend and cooking is very time consuming. Especially when you burn things by say...paying attention to a hockey game instead of the food.

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Tommelot said...


First of all, I always enjoy reading your recaps. It helps me get a clearer view of how the team is doing, seeing as I can't watch em on TV.

But I just had a look on hockeyfights.com and I think you meant Clark fought Jokinen.

Keep it up,


Draft Dodger said...

it was Jokinen. Clark clipped him with a high stick, Jokinen got upset that there wasn't a call, hit Clark with a hard check and the two ended up going at it.

Shane Giroux said...

Thanks for the comment, Tom.

That's what I get for writing the recap over 2 hours after I was done watching the game ;)

The whole Panthers squad seemed to be on edge today. I guess that's what happens when your coach gives you the gears after a loss to the Lightning.

Hopefully Q doesn't have to give anyone the gears on Tuesday.

Shane Giroux said...

Today...yesterday...whatever :)

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