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Monday, January 14, 2008

Coach Q Doesn't like Parker Penalty

Adrian Dater has an article up where Joel Quenneville commented on the bad timing of Scott Parker's penalty against Florida last night. There was only 10:27 left in the game and the Avalanche were up by 1. Of course Olli Jokinen scored to the tie the game and send it - eventually - to a shootout which the Avalanche thankfully won.

Now, granted that it was a tough time to take a penalty, the question that stands out in my mind is "Why was Parker even on the ice?" The guy plays 5 minutes or less per game and it should be at the outset to set a physical tone and then a bit more midway through to ensure the other team remembers he's still there waiting...watching...

I'm not going to start debating whether Parker is necessary for this team but he's certainly not necessary when nursing a one goal lead midway through the third period.

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Jibblescribbits said...

Maybe Q should watch the tape, that call was bogus. Parker got a phantom call.

If Q was mad at anyone it should be himself 1st, the refs second and Parker last

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