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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Avalanche Snubbed at the Oscars

Adrian Dater has informed us that the Colorado Avalanche will not have a representative at the NHL AllStar game in Atlanta this year after Paul Stastny went down to appendicitis. Let me be among those who may be saying "Meh"

I think the idea of having a player from every team on the roster reeks of the whole "Everybody's a winner!" motto that permeates our culture these days. If a team has no bonafide superstars on their roster, why reward a lesser player just to represent the team?

The only person you could make a slight argument for would be Marek Svatos. And man would it be slight. Yes, he's got 20 goals. He's also got 3 assists and just doesn't have the same qualities that players such as Lecavalier and Iginla have.

Lecavalier will turn you inside out then hang the goalies jock up in the rafters before potting a goal. Marek Svatos will pounce on a rebound in the crease. See the difference?

No Avalanche players made it this year and no healthy Avalanche deserves to go either.

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Draft Dodger said...

I agree 100%. I absolutely hate All-Star games where every team needs to be represented.

Svatos just did not deserve to go.

Of course, Scott Niedermeyer doesn't deserve to go either, but that's another story entirely.

Shane Giroux said...

Folks over at A2Y are quite perturbed:

Though I'm not sure what doesn't set those guys off over there.

IwoCPO said...

"What doesn't get us off?" Not sure where you're going with that one. I assume you mean we're easily irritated. Please don't mistake our sarcastic jabs at you guys for anger. Far from it.

As for this particular situation, yeah, it pisses me off...only because the league is in a doom loop. Every move they make is one joke after another: from the placement of franchises, to the lockout, to the shootout, to the scheduling. We have the greatest fan base in the world. Unfortunately we're all devoted to a league that is run by an absolute idiot.

Shane Giroux said...

The sarcastic jabs are rooted in anger and hatred though. You're giving in to the dark side ;)

In your last live blog during a Wings-Avs game, you called McNab a "dive toolbag" even though he said Detroit was the best organization in hockey.

Then people proceeded to castrate Stastny for an innocent comment he made in the paper.

Just seems a bit...angry to me.

But I do admire the ability to never slip up and actually call them the Avs or Avalanche.

"Unfortunately we're all devoted to a league that is run by an absolute idiot."

True but I refuse to let that dolt raise my blood pressure or my ire.

He knows how to play to the owners that's for sure. Or should I say that the owners know how to play him.

Draft Dodger said...

"the league is in a doom loop."

absolutely correct. It's tough to be a hockey fan in this day and age.

I don't mind the passionate fans over there, as long as things don't slip to, say, the remedial level of the dipsticks on team message boards. The dive thing is WAY old though. Maybe even older than Chelios, although we're still waiting on the carbon dating tests to come back.

I loved the Ricci to Transvestite Dude banner. That was inspired.

Shane Giroux said...

Just sarcastic jabs, eh?


"Because he’s a piece of garbage Dive, that’s why. Is, was, will be. Spleen or no spleen. Healthy foot, club foot, stinky foot, foot long sub. I don’t care. A Dive’s a Dive’s a Dive. I don’t like his Crocs. I don’t like the fawning in Sweden, the stamp, his dad or the whole “Foppa” thing. “Foppa”. The only thing I like about Forsberg is the fact that he started the Red Wing Franchise Rejuvenation Project by going after Igor Larionov in ‘96."

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