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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Predators Devour Avalanche

The Predators assaulted Jose Theodore tonight
(AP Photo/David Zalubowski)
Ouch. Double ouch actually since that's the second time this season that the Predators have shut out the Avalanche. And on the day I launch the new look for this site too. Who does Nashville think they are?

If it weren't for some stellar goaltending by Dan Ellis, this game may have had a different tone. He came up big early on and definitely deserved the shutout which included a couple big saves late in the game.

Jose Theodore put in a mediocre performance as he let in 4 goals on 29 shots. Memory is failing me now but at least 3, if not all 4, were blocker side shots including a couple that you'd expect to be stopped.

However I do hope to see Theodore in net next game, if only to show that Q has figured out that one bad game doesn't mean a shakeup is needed in the crease.




Ok, that was a little glib but shutouts always put me in a sour mood. The game wasn't as bad a performance as it looked on paper.

- Wolski is showing that he has the ability to hang onto the puck in the offensive zone and not get pushed off easily
- but he still isn't finishing his checks like earlier in the year
- Svatos had some point blank chances but Ellis shut him down
- Shea Weber > Dion Phaneuf

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Draft Dodger said...

the site looks great, Shane.

the game? not so much.

Jibblescribbits said...

I like the redesign.

And I like your Shea Weber > Phaenuf comment.

Dear Lord Stanley said...

Nice new look, Shane. Very sharp.

As for Shea Weber, I'm seriously in favor of trading Liles to Nashville for him. Weber is boss.

Shane Giroux said...

Thanks for the comments on the redesign guys. The overall look was from an existing template, I just widened the content area and made a few tweaks.

If FG swung a trade involving Liles and got Weber in return, I'd book a flight to Denver and give him a giant bear hug.

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