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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Richardson Reassigned...Again

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, the Avalanche announced that Brad Richardson has been sent back down to Lake Erie.

And unfortunately it's not for a conditioning assignment or it would have been mentioned in the news release. So I guess he was sent down for underperforming.

It makes perfect sense too. The team is currently short on forwards so they send down a center and call up a defenseman.

I suppose since Arnason is about to come back it makes a forward expendable but what about T.J. Hensick? Or am I the only one unimpressed with Hensick's time with the big boys?


Dario said...

No Shane, no you're not. Brunette, Richardson and Svatos would have made a really nice line with Wolski moving over with Stastny and the invisible one. He can help in the corners with Bruno, win faceoffs and skate on the rush with Svatos. Somehow Arnason and Hensick don't get singled out even though they play on the fringes. Go figure.

Herrin said...

Maybe coach Q is going for 5 D on the ice at all times. Call up some rookie defensemen and have them play forward. I recall one goal in the Islanders game that had 4 D and 1 forward on the ice. If you still get scored on with 5 defensemen, THEN, you have problems! :)

Shane Giroux said...

Yeah, Richardson wasn't quite the same once he came back from the shoulder injury but it's tough to blame him entirely. The line-shuffle dance was still in full effect at the time and he often found himself playing with grinders.

And swapping Arnason for Richardson is a bad trade as you alluded to. Arnason may have a few more points but he's just so damn soft out there.

How about they go with 4 D and 2 goaltenders. That oughta keep the pucks out of the net. :)

But as Jibble pointed out, the Avs hit some of the top goaltenders in the league lately but are about to embark against some of the poorer ones:
Avs Just Unlucky?

Let's hope that bodes well for the team on their roadtrip.

Dario said...

Yeah Shane, Budaj gets points in seven games against top goaltending and now that it softens up a bit Q is on the Theo train.

Mike at MHH said...

Theo train....

That made me laugh. Something about Theo and Coach Q 'pulling a train' or something. Maybe I need some sleep...

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