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Monday, January 7, 2008

Theodore to Start vs Wings

In the Monday Rink Report, it was announced that Jose Theodore gets the go-ahead vs the Wings tomorrow. Cause nothing says consistency like treating one goaltender like your #1 with 7 straight starts, then shelving him because the backup had one good game.

If I were a betting man, I might be placing a wager on the Wings as Theodore's back-to-back start stats are underwhelming to say the least.

But hey, he could prove us all wrong. Right?

UPDATE: Coach Q has stated that his plan for the rest of the trip — even for Wednesday night's game at Washington — is "up in the air."

Nothing like giving your goaltenders a heads up to get ready for a game, eh? We wouldn't want to have any sort of consistency to the most important role on the team, right? Jelly bean cinnamon bun air warmer, huh?

Yeah, that last sentence is about as silly as the way the goaltenders are handled on this team.

Do the 'tenders even know which of them is starting before warmups half the time?


Draft Dodger said...

and Arnason is out for the Detroit game. so unless Parker or McCormick play, we're looking at Cumiskey and Boychuk up front again.

Dario said...

Theo totally deserves a 12th chance, who doesn't?

Azazael said...

Man and I was hoping for a good game tonight. This is the reason I would love to see Q get axed.

On the other hand maybe, just maybe Theo will come up huge, and start looking really good. When that happens we can finally trade him (I hope).

Shane Giroux said...

Hey, who doesn't deserve chance after chance. Just look at our justice systems. If they haven't reformed by the third time...give em another chance!

It could be that Q is pushing Theo so hard to try and showcase him for FG to pull a trade but that's not the likely scenario.

They still think Theodore is the guy to give them a run in the playoffs and just don't trust Budaj.

I sure wish they'd give us an update on McCormick. I mean, a real, honest update.

Dario said...

Q said on the coaches show that McCormick would be ready to go tonight vs. the Wings. He didn't elaborate on what the injury was etc... Just that he had to make a tough choice since McCormick is ready. Hey Q, how tough is it to bench Boychuk, seriously.

Shane Giroux said...

Tough choice. Yeah, tough to know whether to keep in your most physical forward or to use a defenceman at forward.

I think Q overanalyzes every decision he has to make. That would explain why he wish-washes between goalies and line combos.

Dario said...

Good catch on the "up in the air" comments by Q. If Theo has a good night we should expect him to play back to back nights? I think Patrick Roy would have literally destroyed his office a dozen times if he was in Budaj's shoes.

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