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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Avalanche Replaced by Junior B Pee-Wee Team

So here I sit watching the Avalanche play the Oilers in an afternoon game on CBC and I can't help but wonder where the real Avalanche team is. It's 3-0 Edmonton with just 3 minutes left in the FIRST period and the Avalanche have played terribly awful. I've played on hockey teams that would put up a better fight against the Oilers than this team of "superstars" has today.

And you know what else? I've had better coaching than this team has received. 50 seconds in the Oil score. Ok, Tough start. Then half way through they go up by 2 on what was a complete defensive breakdown by the team. And what does Q do? That's right...nothing. It was obvious to most people that the Avalanche were scrambling and not thinking so why not call a timeout and wake the team up?

Hell, why not pull Theodore and put Budaj in? Those goals weren't Theodore's fault by any means but obviously the team needed to be scolded and the best way is to punish a teammate. But of course that would imply that Q has any passion left in his coaching repertoire and it's become more and more apparent that he's got nothing left in the tank.

I almost want the Avalanche to miss the playoffs because it should all but guarantee Q's departure. But again, I'm just a chucklehead.

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Anonymous said...

Perfectly written for the first half of the game. What's with this play? They're totally asleep on the ice. Is it just me or has Hannan (despite the large amount of TOI he logs) been pivotal in turnovers that lead to goals by the opposition lately? At least they picked up Salei who should have the mega-contract instead.

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