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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Updated - The S Curse Continues

Not this shit again
Note: This post has been updated after the recent announcement provided by the Avalanche. And kudos to them on doing a good job of doling out the information in appropriate chunks.

The Avalanche have announced that Marek Svatos is out for the rest of the season while Ryan Smyth is out indefinitely. After seeing both injuries, it's not much of a surprise. The Svatos injury was terribly awkward looking and the Smyth injury was just...brutal. I hope his family was not watching the game because that would have been terrible to see happen to your son/husband/etc.

AD had originally provided an analysis of what the "official" news means. To sum it up in one word...shit. He felt it was doubtful that either return for the rest of the season barring a long playoff run. Since then, Svatos' diagnosis is an ACL tear which puts him for the remainder of the season while Smyth can't return to practice until he is free of concussion symptoms. His shoulder is also partially separated but appears, at the moment, to be the least of his concerns.

I pray that Francois Giguere immediately provides some sort of offering to the hockey gods as it's quite apparent the organization has wronged them somehow.


Jed said...

I said it months ago and I will say it again.

If you are a Forward for the Avalanche whose last name starts with S, you need to take yourself down to a courthouse NOW and change it to anything else that does not start with S.

Stop reading, go now, NOW.

Jibblescribbits said...

My real last name (you know, not Jibblescribbits) starts with an "S". I am thinking about not wearing an Avs jersey for the rest of the season. I can't afford a major injury.

Jed said...

Jibble the rule only applies if you are a forward :)

Jibblescribbits said...

Not true, Sauer has a concussion that kept him out, and Skrastins (before being traded) was hurt for 12 games as well.

The only Av whose name starts with "S"who hasn't been hurt: Ruslan Salei

Jibblescribbits said...


Shane Giroux said...

"The only Av whose name starts with "S"who hasn't been hurt: Ruslan Salei"

Quick! Knock on wood while tossing salt over your left shoulder and hopping in a backwards circle on your right leg to nullify the jinx you just placed on him :)

Jed said...

ok good point I forgot about those two (never have been a Sauer fan).

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