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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Avalanche vs Flyers, Game 4 Preview

It's another battle of un-undefeated teams as the Flyers are in Colorado to take on the Avalanche.

This is the second time the Avalanche find themselves in this situation and it did not end well the first time.

Tonight, I have all the confidence in the world that the Avalanche will walk away with their first victory of the season.

Andrew Raycroft is in net which I'll admit had my confidence waver a bit. But I'm holding strong.

The team is loose, frustration hasn't set in in the locker room, and the guys know they need to play better. Three good signs which herald the coming of the dawn.

And after all the drama this morning, it has become apparent that the Avalanche need to win to save us all from turning on each other so I've got to believe. We're on the ledge, guys. Save us!

The puck drops at 9:00 ET, 7:00 MT and is the first game that I should get to watch on Altitude, assuming Center Ice uses the home team feed which they tend to do. Oh Haynes and Mcnabb, how I've missed you.

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