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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Svatos Rested, not Benched

According to the Denver Post, Marek Svatos sat out Tuesday's game to ensure he wasn't rushing back from his groin injury.

From Tony Granato in the article:
"He played only two exhibition games, and the first two games (of the regular season) were very fast-paced games and he's coming off that injury," Granato said. "We thought tonight would be a good night to keep him out and get him ready for Thursday."

If that is the case - and I have no reason to think Granato's a liar - then I'm a happy man. Last year my pet peeve - or at least one of them - was players coming back from injuries only to be injured again. This year, it sounds like Granato and the medical team are being a bit more cautious in their rehabilitation approach.


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