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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Days of Our Lives

Today, AD and DD are quarrelling in another dispute that threatens to tear apart their relationship.

At the same time, Jib is waxing over AD's revisionist history which may wipe him out of the picture if AD decides to choose a new #1. 

But has Jib unravelled an evil plan by Sir Ted to meddle with Theo's contract talks in the offseason? 

Meanwhile, the mustachioed JQ was implemented as a backdoor succession plan in the Blackhawk empire.

And all the while, Melissa has been cheating on Mike with Stephane.

I tell ya, there's a soap opera feel to this morning and it's been quite entertaining. Add on the Avs first win of the season tonight - yep, I said it - and it's going to make for one hell of a day.


InYoFace said...

I though Melissa was dating Bobby. And what about Jenna? Is she still in that coma?

Shane Giroux said...

Melissa dumped Bobby after he slept with her mom. And Jenna's out of the coma but now she's a dude.

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