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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cody Mcleod Lovefest Begins

I'll admit it. I thought putting Cody Mcleod in the lineup over Cody McCormick was a mistake. Mcleod was prone to bad penalties last season while yapping off at the most inopportune times. He just didn't seem in control of his emotions.

But he has proved me almost completely wrong this season. I say almost because McCormick has played like a beast as well, saving my bacon to a certain degree.

Today, the Forechecker - one of the premiere stats analysts around - has gathered together numbers on who is drawing the most penalties and in no surprise, Cody Mcleod finds himself near the top of the list.

He has drawn six penalties while only taking two himself, leaving him in 12th spot on the penalty +/- list.

The penalties he has drawn have been an equal weighting of retaliations by opposition and obstruction calls caused by Mcleod working hard and keeping his feed moving.

Keep it up, Cody. I'm loving the taste of my words.

Brendan Morrow finds himself at the bottom of the list and as I noted in my Stars-Avalanche recap, that is not how a captain should act.

I never thought I'd say this but Morrow could take a lesson from Mcleod on getting his emotions under control.


Draft Dodger said...

admit it - you have a thing for redheads.

Shane Giroux said...

Only if it's natural...

Jibblescribbits said...

So when do you start dating Dater?

Shane Giroux said...

Well, I'd hate to blog-block DD. Maybe I'll slide in after their next spat ;)

Garth Houssian said...

Untill June 02 2008 my son Duncan Houssian had 2 heros >> Ryan Smyth and his daddy. On June 02 2008 Duncan died of unknown natural causes in his sleep and was found no longer alive at 06:50 am. My son was an Oiler fan second and a Ryan fan first. He loved to watch Ryan work the net >>> My baby was 7 yrs old and his heros were few>> Ryan Smyth >> from my wonderful little boy!!! "Thank You for the exitement you added to my life! Wish I were stil there to wach you some more." Is the way he felt about you Ryan >> thank You for making my boy happy.

Blessing You
Garth Houssian (Duncan's Dad)

Ryan said...

Players like Mcleoud deserve to be on the ice.... Even if he does take SOME penalty minutes. His intensity reminds me of Danny Hinotes except he beats people up. GO CODY!!!

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