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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Playoff Bound!

I was just looking at the TSN NHL Standings page to see what sort of streaks were going on in the NHL these days.

With a few 5-game streaks going on - Montreal with 5 wins and Toronto and Philly with 5 losses - it could be time to start betting on those streaks ending.

But what caught my eye was the position the Avalanche find themselves at in the standings: 3rd in the NW, 6th in the West. By gum, that's good enough for a playoff seed!

Now as long as Vancouver can stay where they belong, Marty Turco keeps crushing dreams and Kiprusoff keeps partying, the Avs will be a shoo-in for the postseason.


Ryan said...

Shane, you seem to know a little bit about hockey ;)Answer me this brother. I was told that the Detroit Red wings go over the salary cap almost every year. Now we all know there is a salary cap implemented into the NHL so the teams can't always have pure domination much like the N.Y Yankees. A dude from Detrott said the owner goes over the salary cap quite often and pays a fine for doing so. The owner of the wings is filthy rich and I guess has money to do this. If this indeed is the case, I find it extremely unfair. Do you know the rules and regulations behind the Salary Cap? Do you know if the wings go over the cap and pay the find year in and out? Let me know if you can, thanks, Ryan

Shane Giroux said...

ryan, I'm no capologist so don't take this as 100% certainty.

In previous years, if you were over the cap I believe it carried over to the next season and the teams cap amount was lowered by the overage amount. I don't believe - and never heard of - a team simply paying fines for being over the cap like in MLB.

And I think the overage might only have been related to bonus clauses within contracts (which only entry-level contracts and contracts for players 35+ years of age can have)

This year, there is no allowance for being over the cap. The CBA is open for renegotation by the NHLPA this year and so it's treated as the "final year" of the CBA.

Other than the bonus cushion, a team is simply not allowed to be over the cap amount at any time during the year. Any move they make that would put them over the cap would be vetoed by the league.

The only way to "circumvent" the cap is by placing a player on the longterm injured reserve list. As long as a player is on the IR, the teams cap is effectively "raised" to include that injured players cap amount. However once that player is cleared to return, they immediately have to become compliant with the true cap amount.

In other words, it's a hard cap with few exceptions so you can't "Yankee" your way around it.

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