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Monday, October 27, 2008

Oh how quickly they fall...

After rocketing out to a 4-0 start, the Edmonton Oilers have now dropped four straight games to fall to a 4-3-1 record.

And though the Avalanche are currently enjoying a 5-game win streak, it will end. Likely sooner than later.

And when it does, please remember to do the only rational thing. 



Dario said...

Yeah, the Edmonton defense is pretty poor.

But Minny just won't lose a game right now.

Aaron said...

What are you talking about? We'll win the rest of the games in the season! Don't you have faith in BUDAJ!?!?!

You guys totally sound like Dater-lovers right now! :)

Shane Giroux said...

Minny is killing me. But they have to lose a game at some point. It feels like it won't be until next year though.

Aaron, I just wanted to find a bizarre picture is all ;)

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