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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Avalanche @ Flames, Game 9 Preview

Tonight, two gladiators meet in the center of the arena to decide once and for all who is *dramatic pause* the best in the business.

After suffering three devastating losses to start their season, the Avalanche have turned their fortunes around and delivered five straight stunning knockouts, including one against top contender *dramatic pause* the Buffalo Sabres.

Following their first three losses, the Avalanche changed up their training regimen and looked to backup Andrew Raycroft for success.

Despite two straight wins from Raycroft, the Avalanche went back to their bread and butter in Peter Budaj, a true warrior who never gave up hope.

And Budaj hasn't looked back since reeling off three straight wins including a last second TKO of the Buffalo Sabres.

Tonight, the Calgary Flames will try to end their fortunes in devastating fashion. Calgary doesn't like to beat opponents *dramatic pause* they like to destroy them.

With heavy hitters like Dion Phaneuf and Robyn Regehr in the lineup, the Flames are always one mistake away from delivering a knockout blow.

They Flames are on a streak of their own having racked up three straight wins including a beatdown of the Phoenix Coyotes on Super Saturday.

Which team will keep their streak going and which one will head home with their head in their hands?

We'll find out tonight!

Ok, the above preview was done in my best imitation of Mike Goldberg's voice when hyping an upcoming UFC matchup.

That probably needs a bit more explanation, lest you think I'm off my rocker. Which I probably am.

I was about to start writing a quick preview when I began to wonder what it would be like if NHL matchups were decided not by a predefined schedule but by a "matchmaker" like Joe Silva in the UFC.

There would be some basic rules like each team playing three times a week with a limited amout of back-to-back games allowed. The rest would be in the hands of the matchmaker.

Are two teams on huge winning streaks? Pit them against each other and see which team blinks.

Did two teams shed some blood against each other last night? Pit them against each other for the rubber match the following night.

Got a slumping team? Stack them against a team on a long winning streak and see if the underdog can prevail.

Sure, the logistics of arena and travel bookings would never work but it would damn sure be fun.

Game time
The game starts at 9:30 ET, 7:30 MT and should be a great matchup so no excuses for not watching/listening!

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Magnum said...

Tonight's game will be decided by goaltending. Or possibly, a lack of it.

Shane Giroux said...

Let's hope Kipper paid a few visits to Cowboys over the weekend.

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