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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Raycroft Gets Start vs Blue Jackets

The Rocky Mountain News is reporting that Andrew Raycroft will get the start in goal tomorrow night against the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Coming off a loss it might seem like a punishment or loss of confidence in Budaj but this is nothing more than keeping Raycroft in the rotation as Granato pledged to do from the outset of the season.

You could make an argument to put Budaj in and let him "bounce back" against a weaker team but this is the right call.

Had Budaj - and the team - got the W last night Granato's call would have been more difficult. Lucky for him the team decided to sit out the 3rd period.

UPDATE: Frederick Norrena is in for the BJs so it's backup e backup tomorrow night.

Thanks to GoaliePost for the link.


Magnum said...

Not surprising. What happens if Raycroft wins, making him 3-0-0, a record much better than "starter" Peter Budaj's 3-4-0?

Shane Giroux said...

Although Raycroft's record would be better, I don't think his personal play has been enough to overtake Budaj as the starter.

I'm hoping Granato feels the same.

Jibblescribbits said...

Agree with you Shane. Wins by a hockey goalie are only as valuable at determining a goalies play than wins by a baseball pitcher, since it's a team effort.

For example last night Budaj clearly played well enough to win, but the opposing pitcher threw a shootout.

But If nothing else these once in a while Raycroft starts let us not focus on Budaj so much, which is becoming about as annoying and old as the election here in the states.

Shane Giroux said...

Everyone talked about Raycroft's 37 win season with Toronto but being in Canada, I saw more of his performances than I would have liked. He let in some awful, awful goals and rarely had what I would consider a good game.

A lot of Toronto fans felt the team won in spite of Raycroft's performances.

Of course, it's a new season here and I certainly hope Raycroft can turn his performance around. But so far we've seen nothing to indicate that he will.

Bethany said...

And, don't forget, Rick Nash is going to be playing down the middle.

Shane Giroux said...

That's right! I'm curious how that will work out. I'm a big Nash fan but can't recall him ever playing at center.

Anonymous said...

TSN is reporting that Brendan Shanahan is looking to leave NY. As much as I can't stand him, Joe desperately needs someone worthy playing on his line. We're wasting his last year. Brunette's ability to go to the goal is greatly missed now. Time to spend some of that CAP money.

Anonymous said...

I agree Anony...if Foppa ends up healthy and wants to come, he can take what the Avs can give. The team should not sit back and risk a bunch of Ws on a "maybe he'll be good to go." The team needs someone who will make that 1st line as powerful as it should be with Sakic centering it. Whether it's Shananhan or someone else, it's time to grab him.

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