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Friday, November 7, 2008

Avalanche Continue Losing Skid, Downed 3-1 by Wild

Last night the Avalanche looked to still be reeling from the switch to Daylight Savings Time. The game started at 7:00 MT but they didn't pull their heads out of their asses until about an hour later when Darcy Tucker finally contributed to the team with his second goal of the season.

By then it was too late as the Wild had already run up a 3-0 lead. And if you thought the Avalanche would be able to come back, here's an interesting stat the Altitudes mentioned: in Niklas Backstrom's last 114 games, he has allowed 3 goals or less in 97 of them.*

That prospect in hand, I didn't have high hopes for the remainder of the game. Credit the Avs for fighting hard in the final minutes but it's getting a bit old to see them fall behind early and then spend the remainder of the game playing catchup. 

Are they timing their meals or afternoon naps incorrectly? I'm at a loss to understand how they can continue to come out so ill-prepared to start every game. 

Tucker making us proud
Darcy Tucker must not even be getting his naps because he made an absolutely boneheaded move. Apparently at the end of the second period, he told Wild defenceman Nick Schultz that he was going to take out his knees. And then he actually tried to follow through on that promise.

If that's the case, the NHL should suspend him and Tony Granato should plant his ass in the press box for a few games after the suspension. There is no room for that in the game and it should not be tolerated in the slightest by the league or the team.

If you're worried about who would replace him, don't be. T.J. Hensick came up last n ight and played superbly. In fact, it was Hensick's hard work and great pass which led to Tuckers goal in the second period. He also won key faceoffs all night long and made an excellent case for keeping him in the big leagues.

The upside?
The only redeeming point of the night for me was that I had a bet against the Avs. That's right, I bet against a team on a 4-game losing streak. It's completely counter to my strategy but I have zero faith in the team at the moment.

Side note
People talk about Pavel Datsyuk being a late-round steal but how about Backstrom? The guy wasn't even drafted and now he's among the top-10 goaltenders in the league.

* Numbers may be slightly off as I'm going off the top of my head this morning but you get the idea.

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Fletcher said...

I see a suspension as a great opportunity to bring up Willsie. If a third line appears to be successful with Hensick and Willsie, it may give the coaches enough of a reason to stick with the young guns. I really hope Tucket takes a seat for a little while.

Shane Giroux said...

Yeah, even with Tucker's goal last night I still don't care to see him on the ice.

He looked good because Hensick was flying out there and would have made anybody look good.

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